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AH-6 Little Bird (Wallpaper 2)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

AH-6 Little Bird Helicopter Wallpaper 2
image dimensions : 1092 x 682
AH-6 Little Bird (wallpaper 2). AH-6 Little Bird aircraft images wallpaper gallery 2. AH-6 Little Bird airplane pictures and images collection 2. Helicopter Aircraft. The first Model 369 prototype flew on 27 February 1963. Originally designated the YHO-6A under the Army's designation system, the aircraft was redesignated the YOH-6A under the Department of Defense's new joint system in 1962. Five prototypes were built, fitted with a 252 shp (188 kW) Allison T63-A-5A, and delivered to the U.S. Army at Fort Rucker, Alabama to compete against the other 10 prototype aircraft submitted by Bell and Fairchild-Hiller. In the end, Hughes won the competition and the Army awarded a contract for production in May 1965. The initial order was for 714 aircraft, but that was later increased to 1,300 with an option to buy another 114. Seventy helicopters were built in the first month. This agile, unarmed helicopter is outfitted with outboard "benches" designed to ferry up to three commandos on each side. There is also an gunship variant, the AH-6. Painted black for nighttime operations, this small aircraft can conduct rapid insertions and extractions of special operations forces into areas its larger brother, the MH-60 Black Hawk, cannot. This foreign military sales helicopter is offered with either a four- or five-blade main rotor, depending on the model, with a weapons platform mounted on the lower rear body. This light utility commercial helicopter could seat five passengers in comfort, and is used mainly by the military, being very flexible and offering good all round capabilities. AH-6 Little Bird (wallpaper 2). AH-6 Little Bird aircraft images wallpaper gallery 2. AH-6 Little Bird airplane pictures and images collection 2. Other missions include: direct air support, antitank, reconnaissance, observation, and light utility. A single engine is mounted inside the body with air intakes on top of the cabin and a blackhole exhaust. The fuselage is teardrop-shaped a features a round, glassed-in cockpit and landing skids. External stores are mounted on weapons racks on each side of the fuselage. Each rack has one hardpoint. The tail fin is boomerang-shaped, swept-back, and tapered. The tail flats are back-tapered with small fins attached to the tips, with the flats high-mounted on the fin forming a T. The rotor is moutned on the lower left of the tail boom. On 12 February 1998 the Boeing Company announced its intention to sell its commercial helicopter business. Boeing built commercial helicopters -- the MD 500 Series, MD 600, and MD Explorer -- in Mesa, Ariz., where it also produces the AH-64D Apache Longbow. As of early 1998 the facility employed 5,300, of which 350 were dedicated to the production of commercial helicopters. On 25 February 1998 Bell Helicopter Textron announced a plan to acquire the Boeing MD 500 and MD 600 series product lines, However, the transaction was dis-approved by competition authorities at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in June 1998. Subsequently, on 19 January 1999 McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co., the indirect subsidiary of The Boeing Company, and MD Helicopters Holding, Inc., an indirect subsidiary of the Dutch company RDM Holding, Inc., signed an agreement on an asset purchase of Boeing's MD 500, MD 600N® and MD Explorer® series of light commercial helicopter product lines. Included in the product line are the MD 500E and MD 530F® single-engine helicopters with conventional tail rotors, the MD 520N® and MD 600N single-engine helicopters with Boeing's exclusive NOTAR® no tail rotor system for anti-torque and directional control, and the MD Explorer series of twin-engine, eight-place helicopters. RDM is a European-based industrial group with aerospace activities. The company designs and builds diesel-electric submarines and builds and repairs ships, manufactures and overhauls military vehicles, and produces defense and aerospace products, including landing gear and transmissions for aircraft and helicopters. It is a subcontractor to Boeing for landing gear and fuselage assemblies for Apache helicopters. AH-6 Little Bird (wallpaper 2). AH-6 Little Bird aircraft images wallpaper gallery 2. AH-6 Little Bird airplane pictures and images collection 2.
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