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Fighter and Attack

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fighter and Attack Aircraft
Fighter and Attack Aircraft. Fighter and Attack aircraft represent some of the most exciting machines in the sphere of military power because of their design, speed, and weaponry. The sheer diversity of this category of aircraft, their evolution through military history, and the modern race to produce the most advanced and lethal fighter and attack aircraft yield a great deal of information and generates more interest than any other category of military aircraft. In both cases, fighter and attack aircraft are typically one- or two-seated, relatively small compared to its bomber and transport counterparts, and represent a higher thrust to weight ratio making them the fastest category of military aircraft. Fighter and Attack Aircraft. The role of fighter aircraft can be generalized as that of air superiority. Nutralizing other enemy fighter aircraft, or in the interceptor role to target enemy bombers and being complimented with the increased firepower to destroy these larger targets. Attack aircraft are equipped to strike ground or naval targets. This might include providing close-air support for friendly troops via the destruction of heavily armored or dug-in enemy forces, elimination of enemy anti-air batteries and radar nutralization, or strategic percision destruction of high-value enemy targets. Aircraft are armed and equipped specifically for their roles, and generally have at least rudimentary methods of defending themselves. Presently, this category of aircraft is dominated by manufactures in America, Russia, and joint ventures coming out of Europe. However, developments from Israel, India and China continue to emerge out of the desire for an autonomous military aircraft production industry. Additionally, as the emphasis appears to be moving away from air superiority and more toward flexibility of the platform to both protect the skies and eliminate targests on the ground, the multi-role fighter aircraft is being given the most significant attention at this time. Fighter and Attack Aircraft.


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