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HAL Tejas (Wallpaper 4)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

HAL Tejas Fighter Jet Wallpaper 4
image dimensions : 1092 x 682
HAL Tejas (Wallpaper 4). HAL Tejas fighter photo wallpaper gallery 4. HAL Tejas fighter pictures and images collection 4. The Tejas is single-engined multirole fighter which features a tailless, compound delta planform and is designed with "relaxed static stability" for enhanced maneuverability. Originally intended to serve as an air superiority aircraft with a secondary "dumb bomb" ground-attack role, the flexibility of this design approach has permitted a variety of guided air-to-surface and anti-shipping weapons to be integrated for more well-rounded multirole and multimission capabilities. The tailless, compound-delta planform is designed to keep the Tejas small and lightweight. The use of this planform also minimises the control surfaces needed (no tailplanes or foreplanes, just a single vertical tailfin), permits carriage of a wider range of external stores, and confers better close-combat, high-speed, and high-alpha performance characteristics than comparable cruciform-wing designs. Extensive wind tunnel testing on scale models and complex computational fluid dynamics analyses have optimised the aerodynamic configuration of the LCA, giving it minimum supersonic drag, a low wing-loading, and high rates of roll and pitch. HAL Tejas (Wallpaper 4). HAL Tejas fighter photo wallpaper gallery 4. HAL Tejas fighter pictures and images collection 4. The LCA can be inducted into the Indian Air Force (IAF) in limited numbers starting in 2008, though 'full-scale' induction won't happen anytime before 2010. Further delays are expected. Most critics put the date of induction between 2012 and 2015, if it is inducted at all. Apart from the MiG-21, LCA will also replace MiG-23 and MiG-27, also in service with the IAF. Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal F.H. Major said in July 2007 that the air force wanted to reduce the inventory in its combat jet arsenal to three aircraft systems only, and over the next few years, it would use the home-made Tejas as the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), the new MRCAs as the Medium Combat Aircraft (MCA) and the 35-ton SU30-MKIs as the Heavy Combat Aircraft (HCA). By early 2008 there were two Technology Demonstrators (TDs), three Prototype Vehicles (PVs) and one LSP vehicle under-going flight trials. Facilities for the manufacture of eight aircraft under Limited Series Production (LSP) had been created at HAL, with the second aircraft of the LSP series set to take to the skies in 2008. An order for 20 Tejas aircraft of IOC standard had been placed by IAF, to commence induction by 2010. In September 2008 Air Chief Marshal FH Major said that the Indian Air Force will induct the Tejas by 2015. Admitting that the Tejas program was running behind schedule, Major said the IAF had decided to absorb 20 Tejas aircraft and ten others with old engines for training. By February 2009 LCA-Tejas had completed 1030 Test Flights successfully. It is believed that the Tejas would enter operational service by December 2010 with Initial Operational Clearance. The IAF had placed an order for 20 Tejas lightweight multi-role planes, and may increase the number to 40. HAL Tejas (Wallpaper 4). HAL Tejas fighter photo wallpaper gallery 4. HAL Tejas fighter pictures and images collection 4.


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