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Mil Mi-17 Hip (Wallpaper 4)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mil Mi-17 Hip, Helicopter Wallpaper 4
image dimensions : 1092 x 682
Mil Mi-17 Hip (Wallpaper 4)
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More than 12,000 Mi-8 (Nato codename Hip) multipurpose helicopters have been produced, with more than 2,800 exported, and they are operational with over 50 air forces worldwide. The helicopters are manufactured by the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant JSC in Moscow, the Kazan Helicopter Plant JSC in Kazan and the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, and are available in civil and military versions. The military variants include the Mi-8T transport, VIP transport, electronic warfare, reconnaissance, Mi-8TV armed version and the search and rescue Mi-8MPS. The accredited production of the Mi-17 began in China in May 2008 by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant JSC and Sichuan Lantian Helicopter Company, Sichuan. A total of 20 helicopters were built using the Russian Ulan-Ude supplied kits in 2008. Recent orders include: 40 Mi-8TV helicopters for India fitted with Vikhr-M (AT-16) air-to-surface missiles (delivered by the end of 2001), a number of Mi-17s for Iran, ten for Malaysia, 20 to Columbia, 139 for India, 12 for Pakistan and 20 for Venezuela (deliveries began February 2006). In February 2005, the Iraqi Air Force ordered ten Mi-17V-5 from Bumar of Poland. In December 2005, the Czech Army received 16 Mi-17SH helicopters as part of a debt settlement with Russia. These helicopters have been donated to the Army of Afghanistan. The first three were handed over in December 2007. Russia announced in June 2010 that it intends to deliver MI-17 helicopters to Afghanistan under Nato contract as part of US-run tender for providing the helicopters to the Afghan Army. The Royal Thai Army announced a deal to buy six Mi-17s in October 2008. The US gave four Mi-17 helicopters to Pakistan to assist its anti-terrorism activity in June 2009. The US Navy delivered two Mi-17s to the Afghan National Army Air Corps in September 2009. India ordered 80 Mi-17 IV helicopters in December 2008 as part of a $1.34bn contract. It ordered an additional 59 Mi-17s in August 2010. Deliveries to the Indian Air Force (IAF) along with spare parts and associated equipments are scheduled to begin in 2011 and are expected to be complete by 2014. Rosoboronexport was awarded a $55m contract by Polish Ministry of Defence in September 2010 for supplying five Mi-17-1V helicopters. The first three helicopters were delivered to Poland in December 2010 and the remaining two in February 2011. In July 2002, Kazan signed an international marketing agreement with BAE Systems of the UK and Kelowna Flightcraft of Canada for an upgraded version, the Mi-172 medium-utility and transport helicopter. The Mi-172 has a new mission system from BAE Systems Avionics, new glass cockpit with Honeywell electronic flight instrument system and BAE Systems' Titan 385 stabilised multisensor turret. The upgraded helicopter has been ordered by the Kazakhstan Air Force. In 2007, Croatia placed an order for ten Mi-171Sh helicopters as part of the discharge of debt owed to Croatia by the Russian Federation. The first two were delivered in December 2007.


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