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F-5E Tiger II (Two)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

F-5E Tiger II Jet Fighter 2
image dimensions : 1200 x 800
F-5E Tiger II (Two). Northrop, fighter, jet, aircraft, military, attack, air force, widescreen, wallpaper, photo, picture, United Stated, review and specification of F-5E Tiger II fighter jet aircraft. The F-5E aircraft is a fixed wing, supersonic aircraft armed with two 20mm guns and two sidewinder AIM-9 air-to-air missiles. The aircraft is an improved model of an existing system and is essentially an off-the-shelf procurement. It was designed for use by allies primarily as an air superiority fighter for local air defense with a secondary air-to-ground capability. These were procured in small numbers by the US Air Force and Navy for their "Top Gun" / Air Combat Maneuvering schools, as performance - and size - wise they were a close match for the very numerous MiG-21. Being cheaper and easier to maintain than the F-15 and F-16 type aircraft, many US allies also purchased these upgraded aircraft, as well. The F-5E is a single-seated twin engine aircraft. There is one underfuselage and four under-wing pylons for missiles, bombs, and rocket packs. The F-5E is indeed a small, light aircraft. Its design gross weight of 15,745 pounds is only about 30 percent of the 53 848-pound design gross weight of the F-4. In performance, the F-5 has a Mach 1.51 capability at about 36000 feet and a sea-level rate of climb of 28 536 feet per minute - a good performance but not comparable with that of the F-4. Certainly, the load-carrying capability of the F-5 is much less than that of the larger aircraft. The F-5E comes equipped with an Emerson AN/APQ-159 radar. The F-5E Tiger II was a greatly improved version of the earlier F-5A Freedom Fighter. Redesigned as a highly maneuverable, lightweight and inexpensive air superiority fighter, the E model featured an air-to-air fire control radar system and a lead computing gunsight. More powerful J85 engines required the fuselage to be both widened and lengthened. The forward wing root was redesigned to give the "Tiger II" wing its characteristic triple delta shape.


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