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Eurocopter X3 (Wallpaper 1)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Eurocopter X3 Helicopter Wallpaper 1
image dimensions : 1092 x 682
Eurocopter X3 (Wallpaper 1)
1. Photo wallpaper gallery of Eurocopter X3 Helicopter aircraft. 1. Eurocopter X3 Helicopter aircraft pictures and images collection.
As Eurocopter presses ahead with development of its X3 technology demonstrator with a view to introducing the radical high-speed technology commercially in six years, the key challenge is not technical development, but finding an agency to certificate the machine. Chief executive Lutz Bertling, speaking at his annual state-of-Eurocopter briefing in Paris, said dealings with the Federal Aviation Administration or European Aviation Safety Agency will "take time", because the X3, with its main helicopter-style lifting rotor and side-mounted forward-drive propellers, may been seen as something in-between a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft. Meanwhile, development of the X3 - which first flew in September 2010, is going "surprisingly" well, says Bertling. The flight simulator, which has been in operation for two years, turned out to be highly representative of the actual aerial performance, so development is proceeding with relative ease, he says. Separately, Bertling pointed to a 2011 launch of the much-anticipated X4, which he promised will be a revolutionary step forward in helicopter technology. Bertling insists the machine - destined to replace the AS365 Dauphin - will be a "game changer" that introduces a "completely different" way of flying compared with today's helicopters. As for the X3, Eurocopter hopes to introduce the technology on most new models eventually - ideally as what would be in effect an alternative to a conventional helicopter, with a great degree of mechanical similarity. The first use of X3 technology is likely to come in about six years, as a replacement for the EC225 Super Puma.
Eurocopter X3 (Wallpaper 2)
Eurocopter X3 (Wallpaper 3)
Eurocopter X3 (Wallpaper 4)

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