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ATR 72-500 (Wallpaper 1)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

ATR 72-500 Aircraft Wallpaper 1
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ATR 72-500 (Wallpaper 1)
1. Photo wallpaper gallery of ATR 72-500 Aircraft. 1. ATR 72-500 Aircraft pictures and images collection.
The ATR 72 is a twin-engine turboprop short-haul regional airliner built by the French-Italian aircraft manufacturer ATR. ATR and Airbus are both built in Toulouse, and share resources and technology. It seats up to 78 passengers in a single-class configuration and is operated by a two-pilot crew. The ATR 72 was developed from the ATR 42 in order to increase the seating capacity (48 to 78) by stretching the fuselage by 4.5 metres (15 ft), increasing the wingspan, adding more powerful engines, and increasing fuel capacity by approximately 10 percent. The 72 was announced in 1986, and made its maiden flight on 27 October 1988. Exactly one year after that, on October 27, 1989, Finnair became the first airline to put the plane into service. Since then, at least 408 ATR 72s have been delivered worldwide with orders pending on at least 28 more. On Tuesday 2 October 2007, ATR CEO Stéphane Mayer, announced the launch of the new −600 series aircraft at a Press Conference held in Washington, D.C.. The new ATR 42–600 and ATR 72–600 will feature the latest technological enhancements while building upon the well-known advantages of the current aircraft, namely its high efficiency, proven dispatch reliability, low fuel burn and operating cost. It will include the new PW127M as standard engine (new engines provide 5% additional thermodynamic power at takeoff, thus improving performance on short runways, in hot weather and on high altitude. The incorporation of the “boost function” enables use of this additional power as needed, only when called for by the takeoff conditions.), glass cockpit flight deck featuring five wide LCD screens that will replace the current EFIS (Electronic Flight instrument System). In addition, a multi-purpose computer (MPC) will further enhance Flight Safety and operational capabilities. The new avionics, to be supplied by Thales, will also provide CAT III and RNP capabilities. It will also include the new lighter and more comfortable seats and larger overhead baggage bins. The −600 series ATR aircraft will be progressively introduced during the second half of 2010. The ATR 72-600 Series launch customer is Royal Air Maroc Express (deliveries begin in July 2011). Using a temporary test registration F-WWEY the prototype ATR 72–600 first flew on 24 July 2009; it had been converted from an ATR 72–500. Bulk Freighter (tube versions) and ULD Freighter (Large Cargo Door). ATR unveiled a large cargo door modification for all ATR 72 at Farnborough 2002, coupled with a dedicated cargo conversion. FedEx, DHL, and UPS all operate the type. The ATR 72 ASW integrates the ATR 42 MP (Maritime Patrol) mission system with the same on-board equipment but with additional ASW capabilities. An anti-submarine warfare (ASW) variant of the −500 (itself a version of the maritime patrol variant of the ATR 42–500) is also in production[12] and has been selected by Turkish Navy and Italian Navy for ASW and anti-surface warfare (ASuW) duties. Ten aircraft will be delivered to the Turkish Navy beginning in 2010. Italy's order of four aircraft will begin deliveries in 2012. For ASW and ASuW missions, the aircraft will be armed with a pod-mounted machine gun, lightweight aerial torpedoes, anti-surface missiles, and depth charges. They will also be equipped with the AMASCOS (Airborne Maritime Situation and Control System) maritime surveillance system of Thales, as well as electronic warfare and reconnaissance systems, and will also be used for maritime search and rescue operations. During the mid-1980s, the company investigated a 78 seat derivative of the ATR 72. This would have been powered by two Allison AE2100 turboprops (turbofans were also studied for a time) and would have a cruising speed as high as 330kt. The ATR-82 project (as it was dubbed) was suspended when AI(R) was formed in early 1996.In partnership with the aircraft manufacturer, ATR, Flight One Software is pleased to announce the development and coming release of the most realistic commuter aircraft package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2004. About the package, Jean-Pierre Cousserans of ATR, had the following to say, "The flight simulation world is so big today that it became evident for ATR that we needed to be present - as in the real life with more than 650 ATRs flying worldwide - with a high quality representation of our aircraft. We selected Flight One Software for their demonstrated ability to produce outstanding aircraft, highly realistic and with extensive features. We are very proud of this partnership and are confident that the ATR developed by Flight One Software will set new standards in the Microsoft Flight Simulator world." Flight One Software is very excited about what this product will represent. It will be one of the most complete recreations of any aircraft ever created for the PC platform.

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