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Mirage 2000 (Wallpaper 4)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mirage 2000 Jet Fighter Wallpaper 4
image dimensions : 1092 x 682
Mirage 2000 (Wallpaper 4)
4. Photo wallpaper gallery of Mirage 2000 Jet Fighter. 4. Mirage 2000 Jet Fighter pictures and images collection. Introduced in operational service by the French Air Force in 1984, in its air defence variant (Mirage 2000 C and B), the Mirage 2000 is praised by all its operators. The quality and the safety of its flight control system, as well as its ease of maintenance raised it at the top of the world references in this field. These qualities, associated to an extreme ruggedness led Dassault Aviation and its partners to proceed further with their aircraft weapon system, taking into account the emergence of new operational needs and the availability of new technologies. In 1986, another version called Mirage 2000 N, came to operational service, to fulfill the nuclear missions. With the version called Mirage 2000 D both two versions answered a specific very low altitude penetration need of the French Air Force. Both featured twin-seat configuration and terrain-following radar. The export version that followed was mainly based on the single-seat concept of the French Mirage 2000 C version. In order to broaden the operational spectrum of the aircraft, air-to-surface capabilities were added, often specific to customer needs. Because it offers many advantages in terms of overall ownership costs and performance, the multirole concept has been retained for the evolution of the Mirage 2000 family. In July 1998, during an international exercise in eastern Europe, several French Mirage 2000 have demonstrated their capability to operate from narrow, lightly prepared roads, without even having to use their braking chute. Deployed in many operational theatres, the Mirage 2000 has become a world reference in terms of availability, maintenance and evolutivity. Its interoperability with NATO aircraft and its efficiency are combat proven.

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