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C295 (One)

Monday, February 20, 2012

C295 Aircraft Wallpaper 1
image dimensions : 1200 x 800
C295 (One)
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No matter when the operation is carried out - at day or night, in civil or military airspace, in hot or cold weather; or where the mission is performed - at an equipped base or in a remote area, on a paved airfield or on soft terrain: the C295 is ready for any type of mission required by today’s Armed Forces. The C295 is a multifunction aircraft that operates into short, unimproved runways. It is extremely effective in operating in austere, remote airfields, and in adverse weather conditions and has exceptionally low fuel-consumption. In operations in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan it has demonstrated exceptional mission flexibility and rapid cargo-space reconfiguration. While flying these military missions it has completed live day/night, poor weather, and austere field operations. The C-295 is the only tactical transport aircraft in its category: In service with the Armed Forces of more than 10 countries: proven experience in many different missions: humanitarian response, long deployments in remote areas, logistic missions With modular avionics, to operate in both civil and military environments meeting the latest civil standards applicable in European airspace, US National airspace and in Oceanic and remote areas. Optimized for efficient transport and delivery of standard payloads: cargo pallets, troops, airdrops, paratroops, MEDEVAC FAA FAR-25 civil certified. Specific military features certified by INTA (Spanish Military Airworthiness Authority). Mature and equipped with in-production and inventory products and services to satisfy customer requirements. With modern technology and design for supportability, with high availability and reduced life cycle costs and a maintenance program developed according to MSG-3 analysis. Easy on-load and off-load procedures and a, Cargo Handling System compatible with standard military pallets, reinforced heavy-duty floors and the longest cabin in its class result in a real multimission aircraft. The C295, with its volume and its floor area, boasts a wider range of transport capabilities than any other tactical airlifter. The cargo ramp, the most important loading aid available in the C295, facilitates the loading and unloading procedures and enables conduct of aerial delivery operations. The C295 design is based on a robust and reliable structure, able to withstand the rigours of military tactical usage. The landing gear is also designed to be used on unprepared and short airfields, being able to handle high sink rates typical of tactical missions. Compared to other tactical transport, the C295 has a simpler system architecture, with fewer components, less weight and better reliability resulting in lower operating costs. The C295 is powered by two PW127 turboprop engines, from the PW100 series family, which is in service in more than 2,000 aircraft.

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