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C295 (Two)

Monday, February 20, 2012

C295 Aircraft Wallpaper 2
image dimensions : 1200 x 800
C295 (Two)
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A total of more than 70 C295 have been ordered, with more than 50 already delivered and in operational service. Its operational success, with a proven record in austere and hostile regions, is based on the general efficiency of the aircraft and its excellent capabilities. The C-295M is EADS CASA twin-turboprop transport aircraft developed by the former Construccionnes Aeronáuticas SA (CASA), based in Madrid and a founder member of the EADS company. The new C-295 is a stretched derivative of the CN-235 transporter, with characteristic high-wing, rear-loader design. The aircraft is noted for its short take-off and landing capability on semi-prepared runways and for the large payload capacity of 9,250kg. The landing and take-off run of just 320m and 670m allow the aircraft access to runways close to operational or crisis areas or where supplies and troops are needed. CASA announced the aircraft in June 1997 at the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget and the first production C-295 made its first flight in 1998.The aircraft was granted INTA certification for military operations, and DGAG and FAA (FAR part 25) certification in 1999. In 1999, the Spanish Ministry of Defence placed a contract for nine C-295M transport aircraft. The aircraft entered service with the Spanish Air Force in November 2001 and delivery of the aircraft completed in 2006. A further two aircraft were ordered in 2005, two in 2006 and two in 2007 to bring the fleet to 15. Other orders include: Air Force of Poland (eight - deliveries complete), United Arab Emirates Navy (four for maritime patrol), Brazilian Air Force (12 to support the SIVAM Amazon monitoring project, first delivered in October 2006), Swiss Air Force (two), Royal Jordanian Air Force (two), Algerian Air Force (six) and the Finnish Air Force (two). In April 2005, Venezuela ordered ten C-295 transport aircraft, but the USA denied the export licence necessary for the American content of the aircraft and the order has been revoked. In February 2006, Portugal ordered 12 C-295 aircraft, seven for military transport and five for maritime surveillance. Deliveries began in November 2008. Poland ordered an additional two aircraft in October 2006 (delivered in September 2007) and two in October 2007 (to be delivered in 2009) to bring its fleet to 12 aircraft. In October 2007, the Chilean Navy purchased three aircraft. The Columbian Air Force ordered four aircraft in November 2007. The Czech Air Force ordered four C-295 aircraft in May 2009. Deliveries began at the end of 2009 and will conclude by the end of 2010. EADS CASA was teamed with Raytheon to offer the C-295 combined with the CN-235-300 for the US Army / Air Force joint cargo aircraft (JCA) competition. The C-27J was chosen in June 2007. The flight deck is fitted with dual controls for the pilot and co-pilot. The aircraft is equipped with fully digital integrated TopDeck avionics suite supplied by Thales. The displays, including four 152mm x 203mm (6in x 8in) Thales colour liquid crystal displays, are compatible with Night Vision Goggles (NVG).


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